2021 · volume 9

President's Message

Boozhoo, members!

Have you registered to attend our upcoming Annual General Meeting and forum on October 6th?

We are excited to be hosting a leadership discussion between NAN Grand Chief Derek Fox and MPP Kiiwetinoong Sol Mamakwa for our keynote session, and we have two other panel discussions during the afternoon. 

High Speed Internet as a Game Changer will bring together Wayne Slipperjack of Matawa First Nation Management, Sherry McCuller of Magellan Advisors LLC, Lee Barter of member Tamarack Mining Services, and Kyle Pearce of Inspire Resources to discuss the future possibilities and implications of broadband access in remote communities and its impact on education, job creation, communication, and resources.

For our second panel, Enabling Conditions for Equitable Partnerships, we have guests Tabatha Bull of CCAB, Geordie Hungerford of First Nations Financial Management Board, and Cherie Brant of Borden Ladner & Gervais LLP to share their insight on building relationships between First Nations (individual, communities, and organizations) and Industry/Government in a beneficial and sustainable way.

All our panels will be moderated by ABPA board members, and we are very honoured to welcome Elder Vic Pelletier of Fort William First Nation once again to begin our event in a good way with some words of prayer and welcome. 

You’ll find more details below in this newsletter, and we look forward to your participation! Register today at




Welcome Gestion ADC!

Gestion ADC is a company with its head office located in Laval, Quebec. They have been in operation for the past 25 years providing food and janitorial services to the northern regions or Quebec to mainly the energy and mining sectors. They are one of seven other companies that belong to the Creeco (Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company). Creeco along with the Board of Compensation make up the economic development arm of the Cree Nation Government.

Their business model is based on the joint venture, where they share the profits equally with the community where a project is located. Their mission is to hire as many local people as possible and provide them job opportunities as well as career path development and training. Visit them below for more info!

In the community

National truth and reconciliation day

 There are mixed feelings about the upcoming National Truth and Reconciliation day, and the Anishnawbe Business Professional Association has been vocal about sharing member perspectives. President Jason Rasevych has spoken to the CBC, the Toronto Star, and shared statements about the frustration and disappointment of the province’s decision to not make September 30th a Statutory Holiday.

“The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is a time to reflect on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to actions, and for Indigenous people and allies to participate in ceremonies across Canada.” Rasevych says in the CBC article, and “we can acknowledge the tragedies that have happened in the past, but work to accept and also move forward in a way that’s meaningful for First Nations people so that true reconciliation can happen with the truth being at its core.”

Marking this day as one important to set aside is a good step. For Indigenous persons, as a time of mourning, grief, sharing time with loved ones, and activism. For settlers and allies, it can be a time of discussion, of reflection, and evaluating how we can bring these principles of reconciliation to reality, of critically evaluating our workplaces and leadership for diversity, inclusivity, and whether participation in these events is merely performative or if we amplify the voices of Indigenous people and leadership in acknowledgment of Truth and Reconciliation Day.

We hope to see this day become a Statuatory Holiday in future, and we wish all our members and their communities, Indigenous and Ally, that September 30th is a day of meaning and reflection for you.

Congratulations to member Agoke Development Corporation! Agoke is the national winner of the Indigenous Business Award for Excellence for its work in the Ogoki Forest in Northwestern Ontario! Agoke is owned by Aroland, Eabametoong and Marten Falls, and the award is provided by the Forest Products Association of Canada and Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

Congratulations on this achievement! These acknowledgments raise us all as we see the effects of communities, partnership, and responsible stewardship bringing growth and success.

Stronger Together | Virtual AGM & Forum 2021

We welcome Members, Non-members, Indigenous and Allies to join us virtually to hear First Nations elected and business leaders share their insights at this time of great change and opportunity. 

This years ‘Stronger Together’ theme will feature talks and panels that explore equitable partnerships, highspeed internet expansion as a gamechanger, and Indigenous leadership laying a path towards wellness and prosperity for First Nations in the north. There will be breakout room networking sessions to bring together ABPA members, Northern Ontario government and industry  representatives and allies, potential investors, and any others interested in the region’s socio-economic development opportunities.  


Anishnawbe Member (51% or more Anishnawbe Owned) | $25

Associate Member (Non Anishnawbe) | $50

Indigenous Non-Member (First Nation, Inuit, Metis) | $25

Non-Member Allies (Non-Indigenous) | $99


Thunder Bay CEDCYou’re invited to attend the Generation Mining Information Session in Thunder Bay!

Join the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission and Generation Mining for an evening to learn about the Marathon Palladium and Copper Project including:⁠

  • Environmental Permitting⁠
  • Geology and Exploration⁠
  • Feasibility and Project Design⁠ ⁠

We will hear from:⁠ ⁠ Drew Anwyll, Chief Operating Officer, Generation Mining  & John McBride, Senior Exploration Geologist, ⁠ Generation Mining.

All current COVID-19 rules & guidelines will be maintained for this event.

This event is free to attend but you must register to ensure capacity requirements are met.


The Anishnawbe Business Professional Association is Hiring

We are growing, and we are looking for someone to grow with us! 

We are hiring a Membership Engagement Intern to maintain and develop our growing membership base, facilitate events and projects, and provide support to our Board of Directors. 

We’re looking for excellent communication skills, project or program facilitation experience, and willingness to work alongside diverse professionals and organizations. This is a NOHFC funded opportunity, and the applicant must be an Indigenous resident of Northwestern Ontario (including First Nation, Metis, or Inuit). Please share with your networks, posting is open until October 20th, 2021.

Benefits of your membership

We provide information sessions and networking events targeting relevant topics and projects for business expansion in Northern Ontario.

We develop best practices for major First Nations development projects and non-First Nations businesses related to procurement policies and human resource polices focused on inclusion.

Members will be the first to know about special discounts on all events and access to new programs for doing business in Northern Ontario

Members will have better access to economic buyers and key decision makers in Northern Ontario through our business directory and special events and conferences.

We Need to hear from you.

Are there topics or areas of interest that you want to learn more about?

Do you know an Indigenous professional who you think our members should hear from?  

What do you want to see from your ABPA membership?

We try to keep an ear to the ground, but Indigenous enterprise is a thriving, growing economy, and there’s always new voices to hear and new faces to see.

 If there is something or someone you would want to see in a seminar, workshop, or networking event, we invite you to get in touch. Feel welcome to pitch us a topic, nominate a speaker, or simply tell us what’s important to you. Let us know…

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