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President's Message

Boozhoo, members!

After a long fall, it looks as though winter is beginning to settle in, and I hope you, your families and communities are looking forward to spending time together in the coming weeks towards the new year.

We still have one event before our December break, and you can register to join us at Mining the Northwest Virtual Conference & Tradeshow on Thursday, December 2nd from 10:00am to Noon. You can register for this complimentary event here. It runs from November 30th to the December 2nd, and we hope you’ll stop by on the final day to hear from our speakers about procurement, partnership building, and connecting with Indigenous Business in the Northwest.

If you missed our recent AGM in October, we now have an abridged recording available on our youtube channel! There were some truly excellent discussions throughout the day, and if you didn’t have the chance to join us, head over to our channel and take a look.




Mach 1 Global Solutions offers solutions to logistics, facilities maintenance, procurement, and more. The Mach 1 team is up for every job, managing projects with skill and experience and providing quality services  with the professional care they deserve. Get in touch today to learn more about Mach 1’s Facility Maintenance, Logistics, Procurement and Consulting Services. 

In the community


The Anishnawbe Business Professional Association will be hosting a conference morning during the Mining the Northwest Virtual Conference & Tradeshow. Spreakers include Jason Rasevych, Jason Thomson, Brian Davey & Rachael Paquette. You can learn more and register for this free event below.

Thunder bay chamber of commerce: december events

Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce has several events upcoming in December, and you can register with the links below. Leaders Luncheon: A buffet lunch, keynote, and Q&A with City Manager Norm Gale on Thursday December 9th.

Work Well, Live Well: Seasonal Stressors. This third sessions of an ongoing wellness series is timely before the holidays, and registration is available singly or in group rates.


LJ Turtle Aromoatherapy is selling two unique products in support of ‘Save the Evidence’ a campaign to restore the former Mohawk Institute Residential School in Brantford into a historic site and education centre about the history of residential schools in Canada. You can learn more about the Campaign here and visit LJ Turtle at her site below. look for the Gaye giinawind minjimendan/We Remember products to donate.


Creating capacity in communities
Mach 1 Provides Services and Procurement with an Eye to the Future

“When we first moved to Sachigo Lake,” Ed Mickelson of Mach One Global Solutions reminisced, “They said, ‘we have a house for you. It needs a bit of work, but we know Ed’s handy’. When we got there, the house had been flooded, and there was no hot water tank, no wood stove, lots of mold in the basement area, and the cooking stove upstairs was literally black with grease.”

Ed Mickelson and his wife, Pauline, did make that house livable, but the difficulties have always stuck with him. “You can’t just run to home Depot or Canadian Tire when you’re up there. Everything becomes a logistical nightmare because you need to fly all this stuff in unless the winter roads are open and even then there’s time and fuel and wear and tear because winter roads aren’t kind to suspensions. That’s why I decided to start Mach 1. As a technician, you’re trained to figure stuff out. When you’re presented with a problem, you find a solution.”

While Mach 1 Global Solutions offers their services to everyone, there is a philosophy of bringing services and procurement options to remote communities that don’t break the bank and keep the unique needs of northern regions in mind, including building capacity within communities to service and maintain their equipment.

“We work with a homecare specialist in Thunder Bay, and they have little mechanical lifts. They only take a few hours to set up, they’re built in Canada, and they’re simple. They don’t have 50 different circuit boards, and when we ship something remote we don’t want 50 service calls. Communities can spend thousands of dollars on material for ramps. It’s three days of construction, and when it’s no longer needed, by the time we get it apart it’s damaged and easier to just build a new one. The lift is five feet by five feet, the base doesn’t need to be concrete, it’s movable, and it’s only a 20 amp circuit. Nothing special.”

Accessibility options for communities is an important aspect of Mach 1’s vision for sustainability socially as well as mechanically. “Those little things where we can work with the communities, especially when it’s so important for the remote north as they age, and they require more care. The resources are very limited , and if it reaches that tipping point, the Elders may be forced to leave. We’re working with the First Nations to convince the Federal and Provincial Governments that patient accessibility need to be covered under their benefits. On the monetary side of care, there’s benefits. We’re not flying the Elder in and out for care, they are able to stay in their home longer, remain in thier community, it’s in everyone’s best interest.”

No aspect of upgrades, new builds, or project management is too small for Mach 1. Ed recently prepared a presentation on new technology in door hardware to avoid the challenges even a lost or damaged key can create when you don’t have access to an easy replacement. “Now, we have interchangeable cores. If you lose the key, you pull the core out, grab a new one, and it has its own key and it takes ten seconds to change.”
Similar presentations and displays have focused around rock glass (an affordable glass cover or replacement that prevents breakage), alternatives to drywall in building materials that are mold-resistant, solar components that contribute towards efficient housing, and indicator systems in new builds that can cue homeowners to call for service before a small problem becomes a big one.

Because those service calls can also be managed by community members with training and tools, Mach 1 also offers direct facility maintenance training to help improve the skills of the locals on the ground. “Whether it’s the housing crew that’s actually building the house or the crew that’s running around fixing a toilet or changing a faucet or replacing a door or a broken window or something of that sort.” Mach 1 tries to arm the boots on the ground with as many tools as they can in order to make their jobs easier, from hardware for technicians to software for management to control inventory and oversee workloads.

From installing solar to new builds to sourcing quality pots and pans, “the whole organization is based on finding the most efficient solution available,” Ed explains, “It doesn’t really matter what your problem is, we’ll find a solution for it.”

If you are a property owner, manager, or hold a housing portfolio and would like to discuss solutions for your organization or community, talk to Mach One by contacting

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