Moccasin Trails

Marsha Smoke

5595B Macklin Road
Alderville Indian Reserve
K0K 2X0

Moccasin Trails is a supplier of industrial mats and portable bridges for construction and infrastructure projects. We have created a unique business model to ensure that local communities benefit from our work as a supplier on projects operating in Treaty territories and on traditional lands.

Moccasin Trails is a 100% Anishnabe family-owned business located on the Alderville First Nation. We are guided by the wisdom of our family Elder-WWII Veteran and respected Elders and Leaders within the Indigenous community. Moccasin Trails works with First Nations in a positive and respectful manner.

Marsha Smoke is the President of Moccasin Trails and Wintergreen Consulting. She has worked with First Nations in business and politics her entire life always advocating for economic benefits for First Nations vs. revenues flowing out of our communities.

We want to work with First Nations. We want to work with industry. We want to build relationships. Moccasin Trails is not here to take work away from anyone, our priority is to work with the people, do a good job and see benefits going to local communities. We want to work on the same level playing field as the rest of industry.
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