Gestion ADC

Garen Blais

1991 Francis Hughes
H7S 2G2

Gestion ADC is a company with its head office located in Laval, Quebec. We have been in operation for the past 25 years providing food and janitorial services to the northern regions or Quebec to mainly the energy and mining sectors. We are one of seven other companies that belong to the Creeco (Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company). Creeco along with the Board of Compensation make up the economic development arm of the Cree Nation Government.

Due to the emergence of the pandemic, we have made substantial change to our organization and the services that we offer by being able to provide anti-Covid products (wipes, hand sanitizers, cleaning products, cleaning supplies, gloves, masks, face shields, etc) personal protective equipment (fire retardant, high visibility and chainsaw safety garments), electrostatic disinfection, turn-key camp management services, as well as provision of permanent and temporary structures with our without support infrastructure.

Our business model is based on the joint venture, where we share the profits equally with the community where a project is located. Our mission is to hire as many local people as possible and provide them job opportunities as well as career path development and training.
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