Fort William First Nation

Robert Pierre

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Fort William First Nation

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The Fort William Reserve, located on the western end of Lake Superior adjacent to the city of Thunder Bay was set aside under the provisions of the Robinson-Superior Treaty in 1850. The north shore of Lake Superior is the southern edge of the Canadian Shield, a vast country of rock scraped clean by glaciers and waterways. The traditional territories occupied and used by the Chippewa’s at Fort William and their residence stretch from Pigeon River to the south, north to Treaty 9 boundary and east to Nipigon.
Since the treaty of 1850, Fort William has developed an excellent track record in its dealings with government and private industry in its efforts to become self- sustaining and the hub to Northwestern Ontario aboriginal business and communities.
Fort William First Nation is dedicated to supporting the health of our people; inclusive of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing for a successful community.
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